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Denmark is a sovereign state in northern Europe. It is surrounded by Sweden, Norway and Germany from three sides. It has 406 islands and a coastline of 7314 km. Denmark is well known for various things like its Danish monarchy, Viking Denmark, and its unique Danish heritage.

Apart from its rich Danish heritage, Denmark is also well known for one more thing. It is popular for cattle farming and related industry. Denmark is famous for producing quality dairy products and is world famous in producing the best of the cheese. Denmark enjoys high temperature during spring and summer and rainfall is distributed across the year. This climate supports cattle farming in Denmark. The history of Danish farms dates back to the Stone Age. The Vikings of Denmark started keeping cows and their women started churning butter from the milk given by cow. During 16th and 17thcentury the Danes became skilled in dairy production. Later, as the universe developed and industrialization started, the farmers joined and started setting up dairy on the co-operative basis. The farmers started supplying their entire milk production to the dairy and hence flourishing this industry. Danish cows today produce milk which is far more than the consumption in this state. Two third of its milk and milk products are exported. The value of these exports totals to EUR 1.8 billion annually. These exports include preserved milk products and butter and cheese in particular.

Some of the varieties of Danish cheese, which are well known worldwide, include Crem Dalblu, Denmark Havarti, Scottsdale Cheese, Danish Feta which is white, Cheddar cheese, Danish Blue cheese. These cheeses are marketed as soft cheeses, hard cheeses, blue cheeses, and cream cheeses.

Some of the well known companies producing Danish cheese include Gaganis Bros, Arla foods. The cheese lovers would surely want their taste buds to enjoy the most popular cheeses of the world. So when it comes to cheese, Denmark tops the list.

Farm Houses in Denmark

Farming in Denmark ranges back to the Stone Age times. Denmark is popular for its Vikings. The roots of Denmark, Vikings were farmers. The Vikings of Denmark started keeping cows and thus started the farming industry.

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Cheese Production Process

Danish cheeses are world famous. Denmark enjoys high temperature during spring and summer and due to its rainfall distribution around the year, thus supporting the cattle industry.

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Icecream & other Dairy Products

Ice cream is a dessert loved by both kids and adults. This dessert does not have any specific target audience. Many kids take ice cream as substitute of milk. Traditionally, only one type of ice cream was made. Today, we have a large basket of variety.

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