Milk sourcing and processing

Denmark comes under the countries that are quite famous for sourcing and processing of dairy products. Milk sourcing and processing are strongly related to each other. Whereas, milk sourcing and processing is defined as process to process the raw milk in order to make it consumable.

The Danish people are perfect to develop sourcing strategies for dairy processors which is globally accepted. Sourcing and processing of raw milk involves a through knowledge and expertise. There should be some small scale, as well as global dairy processors involved in expanding and, or improving the production. There must be a complete set up and implementation of quality risk management system. As a result, the final milk produced will be completely safe.

Let us put some light on:

a) Milk quality and its composition

The quality of milk and its composition are closely related to each other. For example: the somatic cell count lies beneath a definite level, the milk production of the cow is higher. This results in increased profit.

The Friesian cow breed comes up with integrated solutions to supervise the height of somatic cell count, which leads to lesser use of anti-biotics’ and increase amount of food safety.

b) Raw milk sourcing methods or strategies

Now there is a question; how can a certain amount of raw milk will be sourced? How can we be sure about the milk is of the right quality, in a certain area? There must be some elaborated strategy for that, helping in analyzing how the specified target will be met.

Experts of the breed Friesian examine every element pertinent to the strategy. Fundamentals like a scan of the sourcing environment, the state/condition at the dairy farms, a description of the milk collecting system, and audit of the milk transport system along with analyzation of the milk collection costs gives the answer. In addition, there should also be a check on milk payment system, quality control and assurance related to raw milk sourcing and processing.

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