Why Denmark for dairy products

Denmark is basically the ideal country for dairy production. The climate here and soil provide most favorable conditions for dairy cattle farming.

In spite of the northerly location, Danish enjoy comparatively high temperatures during spring and summer as well as an easygoing climate. As far as rainfall is concerned, it is uniformly distributed across the year, whereas the soil is quite fertile. As a result, there has been an increase in dairy cattle for milk, butter, and cheese. This has become a natural part of the Danish diet form a long time. Not only this, Danish dairy products are globally accepted and exported.

The Danish dairy industry consists of the international dairy group named as “Arla Foods“and near about 30 smaller dairy companies, altogether process around 4.7 billion kg milk from a sum of 61 production plants in Denmark.

The enduring 30 Danish dairies are consistently distributed between; agreeably and privately owned companies. The small dairies usually specialize in a variety of product areas including butter, cheese, and liquid milk production. A huge part of their production is exported by specialized exporters.

Almost, 1.8 billion EUR are earned by Danish dairy exports annually. The domestic dairy market is also very good to a large extent. Even though, imported yoghurt and cheese presently account for approx. 25 percent and 20 percent, respectively, of total domestic consumption. Whereas, the market share of foreign milk remains restrained.

With the growing time; the Danish milk producers have seen remarkable structural change, with increased production, which is now taking place on a small number of large farms. Fact shows that; in year 2010, approx. 4,100 dairy farmers, each one had an average of 127 cows whereas, the milk production quota reached too 1,142 tones. Therefore, Danish dairy farmers come among the largest and most modern in the world.

Farm Houses in Denmark

Farming in Denmark ranges back to the Stone Age times. Denmark is popular for its Vikings. The roots of Denmark, Vikings were farmers. The Vikings of Denmark started keeping cows and thus started the farming industry.

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Cheese Production Process

Danish cheeses are world famous. Denmark enjoys high temperature during spring and summer and due to its rainfall distribution around the year, thus supporting the cattle industry.

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Icecream & other Dairy Products

Ice cream is a dessert loved by both kids and adults. This dessert does not have any specific target audience. Many kids take ice cream as substitute of milk. Traditionally, only one type of ice cream was made. Today, we have a large basket of variety.

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